Thanks for visiting us! Our interests include all sorts of things in the natural world, such as plants, animals, insects, geology, and geography. We like to travel, and we take lots of photographs. At this site we have gathered several sorts of items, each of which can be accessed from the menu directly above this text block.

We previously published photographs and descriptions of natural history items in the form of pdf files, which were distributed by email. Back issues of all of these are accessible through the “Nature Notes” tab on the menu bar. Some time ago we switched to a blog covering the same subjects, but with more frequent, shorter entries. Access the blog by clicking the “Blog” tab in the menu.

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We attempt to identify the animals and plants that appear in our posts. This is done using a variety of field guides and by conferring with experts in the appropriate area. We are bound to make mistakes, however, and we would appreciate your help when we go astray. We also appreciate your comments on the individual blog posts, and we will reply when appropriate. When you write a comment, if your check the appropriate box under your comment text, our reply to your comment will be sent to you by email.