Lots of Spiders

Spider with and egg case and progeny from another egg case

Spider with and egg case and progeny from another egg case

I usually carry an empty bottle or two around with me in case I find something I want to bring back home for further study. The small plastic bottles that spices come in are good, They have holes in the top for sprinkling the spices. That gives any creature I catch some air holes.

I saw this spider guarding two egg cases under the overhang near our front door. So I caught her and put her and the egg cases in a spice bottle. Several of the spider’s eye’s can be seen as black spots on the front of its head. Like many spiders, it has eight eyes. The next time I took off the top for a look, one of the egg cases had produced a bunch of little spiders, more than 100 by my count. The remains of the egg case wall can be seen on the right hand side of the picture. I carefully put the bottle full of spiders outside to give them a chance to make their way in the world.

I think this spider’s scientific name is Eidmanella pallida, but it is hard to be sure from just a photograph. As far as I know, it has no common name, Many species have no widely used common name; only conspicuous, large, or dangerous spiders typically have a common name. The portion of North America north of Mexico has more than 3,800 spider species, and the great majority of them have no common names.

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