Night Visitors

Raccoons at squirrel feeder

Looking the problem over!

We have a squirrel feeder on our back deck. It is constructed from a one gallon glass jar on a wooden frame. I noticed that it was always empty in the morning, even if there had been some food left in it at dark. Squirrels are daytime creatures, so I knew it must have been something else cleaning out the feeder. So just before dark, I put some food in the very back of the glass jar as far away from the entrance as possible. Then I set up my game camera and got this set of photographs. As I suspected, raccoons were the culprits. I had recently seen an adult raccoon with two smaller ones, probably this year’s offspring, following along.

Raccoons reaching in squirrel feedeer

Neither arm is quite long enough!

First the adult has a go at the food. However, it cannot quite reach the food in the back of the jar. It tried both “arms”.

Raccoons at a squirrel feeder

Even twisting around won’t help……………. A young raccoon has a try.

The left hand photograph shows that even twisting around will not help.  In the right hand photo, one of the youngsters decides to have a try.

Raccoons at a squirrel feeder

The young raccoon fits right in!

The young raccoon just fits into the jar and finishes off the food. The adult looks on enviously.








Night Visitors — 2 Comments

  1. I love this. I think racoons are beautiful but I know they can really tear up cats so I fear for Sam & Maggie. Would love to have a night camera but afraid it would show panthers which Mike has on his property!