Six-legged Colors

Rosy Maple Moth and Grasshopper

Rosy Maple Moth and Grasshopper

We put up the moth sheet again recently, and some interesting creatures were attracted. One cannot fail to be impressed by the variety of shapes and the striking colors of the various insects that are flying around at night, mostly unseen by us.

The moth is a Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda). The larvae feed on oaks as well as maples. When they are mature, the larvae crawl to the base of the tree and excavate a small chamber in the ground where they pupate. The adults emerge from the chrysalis in late afternoon and mate in the evening. Eggs are laid the next day, and the adults die soon afterwards, because they do not feed.

I was so interested in the moth, that I did not take pictures of the grasshopper from different angles, and I did not capture it for closer examination. So I am not sure which species it is. My best guess is a species of Dichromorpha. 


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